Järnforsen means ”Iron rapids” in Swedish. It’s a magnificent part of our National river, Vindel river.

Special stretch (Licenses are limited)

  • Maximum three (3) fishing licenses per day, or a family/group license.
  • Fly fishing only.
  • Catch & Release.
  • It’s forbidden to use live bait such as worm, maggot, shrimp or substitutes like powerbait.
  • No more than two (2) hooks are allowed on the fly.
  • Rotational fishing applies to all current water. (Don’t stand still on the same spot).
  • You are only allowed to fish from land. (Wading allowed).
  • The license is valid between 09:00 – 03:00 o’clock the following day.
    (The stretches are resting from fishing and fishermen between 03:00 – 09:00 o’clock every day).
  • The special stretch are open to 14th September, then it close for the season. (Spawning time).
  • The fishing license is only valid with a valid ID. (Identification card).
  • The fishing license must on request be shown to supervisor. (”Fishing police”).

Järnforsen (500 metres)
-Open Sunday-Friday. Saturdays for locals.

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