Fishing regulations


General rules
For a number of years it has been forbidden to use live bait such as worm, maggot, shrimp or substitutes like power bait. Catches are restricted to 2 fish per angler per day.  As the Ammarnäs Trout is of immense importance as a resource Should ALL TROUT be returned to the river. The trout move up to their spawning grounds in the area from further down the river (Storvindeln). Treat this big brown trout with respect and care. Maximum grayling is 45cm.

Järnforsen – Special stretch Ammarnäs Trout – 500m
* Open Sunday-Friday. Saturdays for locals
* Special stretch  to 14st Sept, then it´s closed for the season..
* Max 3 fishing permits per day
* 700 SEK per day, group/family permit 2400 SEK
* Only fly fishing
* Catch & Release also for grayling
* Permit is valid between 12.00 – 03.00 (from 1st Sept 06.00-00.00)

Övreforsen – Special stretch Ammarnäs Trout – 500m
* Open Monday – Saturdays. Sundays for locals
* Other rules like Järnforsen

Fly fishing stretches – 1 stretch on general permit with special rules – 1100m 
* Only fly fishing
* NEWS FROM 2015 – Catch & Release for grayling.

General Information
No fish is planted into the Kraddsele region. The fishing is totally reliant on local, natural fish stock. Regulations and catch restrictions are enforce to ensure the continued existence of the wild stocks. A total ban on trout fishing begins at 15th September as the trout begins to spawn but you are still allowed to fish grayling from 15th sept. (both Järnforsen and Övreforsen are closed from 15 sept)

Permits are put on sale again on 1st June.