Sport Fishing Region

English1The long section of the River Vindelälven that runs through Kraddsele is particularly beautiful and has excellent stocks of large trout and grayling. This is especially true of the famous Ammarnäs Trout. Plump beautiful trout with an average weight of around 3,7 kg that have moved up from the main river, Storvindeln to spawn. That just these are wild and aggressive adds to an already fantastic experience.

Fly fishing’s Klondyke
In Kraddsele there are three fly fishing areas. Two stretches of the river have special allocations for Ammarnäs Trout with separate fishing permits that can be booked in advance. In total there are 2,5 kms of river that are reserved for fly fishing. The region encompasses 16 kms of water of which 11 kms is free flowing and contains 17 sets of rapids.

Sustainable fishing
Fishing regulations are there to ensure sustainability and govern the number of catches, minimum size, maximum weight and restricting the number of anglers. This will result in top class fishing for future generations.

Other information

Within the Kraddsele region there are cabins available for rent as well as a camping site of good standard.  The Kraddsele region is located about 300 kms north-west of Umeå along route 363.